Pavement Signs

We offer pavement signs in a number of popular styles: fixed or swing, A-frame or base-mounted. Depending on the style chosen, graphics can be applied to the sign, or header-board.

The best retail signs are not necessarily attached to the building of a storefront. Sometimes they’re placed on the pavement near the storefront in order to draw people closer to the building. You’ve probably seen them before on pavements or walkways, especially in cities and shopping centres.

Retail pavement signs are great for targeting people who walk or drive by your store unexpectedly. Since there are so many other retail businesses around, it can be hard to make your business stand out and capture people’s attention. That is why if you place a creative retail sign nearby on the pavement, you can get more people to pay attention to your store and less attention to the stores around you.

Pavement signs can be designed in a few different ways. You could choose to put a simple message on your sign, such as “open,” “free samples,” or “50% off.” This type of messaging conveys your point quickly to people, so they don’t need to take the time to study it. They’ll learn your message within a millisecond after looking at it.

Alternatively, you could choose to go with a more personalised message on your pavement sign. This would include full logos, detailed messages, and brand images associated with your business. If you have a more luxurious storefront, such as a jewellery store, then you might think a personalised sign looks more professional to your target audience. In fact, personalised pavement signs have been proven to help capture the passing traffic on today’s busy high streets. In total, we offer 3 different styles which are perfect for achieving just that.

We offer pavement signs in a number of popular styles: fixed or swing, A-frame or base-mounted. Certain styles work well for different types of retail storefronts. Depending on the style chosen, graphics can be applied to the sign or header-board. Our team of graphic artists can customise your signage with any photos, images, or text that you’d like. Just let us know what you had in mind, or we can make suggestions for you. 

A Board

Our heavyweight A Board is manufactured from powder-coated steel and wood to provide both maximum durability and great wind resistance. If you live in a location with a lot of heavy winds and thunderstorms, you can rest assured that your pavement sign will stay intact. The UK is certainly no stranger to bad weather, so it is good to stay prepared.

The Swinger

The frame is produced from a durable plastic which is then fitted into a rubber base and then supplied with an aluminium swinging panel, which is powder-coated to provide outstanding durability. It is even more crucial for the frame to have durability because it is what supports the board in the first place.

Standard Performa

Our Standard Performa has a heavyweight base with a powder-coated aluminium panel inserted into the base. Choosing the Standard Performa might be better if you have extreme winds in your area. Its heavyweight base provides more stability to the board than just having a swinger.


There are multiple ways through which you can advertise your brand. Each advertising technique is considered to cater to different needs and audiences. Here, we talk about pavement signs, what they are, and how useful these are for businesses.

What Are Pavement Signs?

Pavement signs are essentially advertising methods that go way back. It is safe to say that while advertising has seen plenty of change over the years, you will still find that pavement signs are highly usable and effective at getting your point across to the customer. You must have probably seen different kinds of pavement signs yourself. This is a simple, tried, and tested way to reach out to your customer. So, if you are planning on finding a good cost-effective way of advertising, then this is it.

Types Of Pavement Signs

There are different kinds of pavement signs available for you to make use of. You will find that they come in a range of materials, designs, prints, and more. You can easily customize your outdoor pavement signs according to your needs with ease. There is less restriction as to how you can use them and what type you should use for different things.

Benefits Of Pavement Signs

When it comes to the benefits of pavement signs, you must know that there are plenty. Let’s have a look at some of the more prominent ones.

  • Cost-Effective
    One of the more prominent benefits of pavement signs is that they are highly cost-effective. So, you will not have to worry about the pavement signs costing you excessively to reach your audience. Instead, these are considered one of the most inexpensive options available for you to make use.
  • Free From Tampering
    Many times, you will find that it is common to tamper other methods of advertising, especially physical ones. But when it comes to making use of pavement signs, these are not easy to tamper and will ensure that you are able to advertise easily.
  • Customer Attraction
    One of the best things about pavement signs is that you get to attract your customers at the desired locations that you want. So, if you are targeting people in a particular area, then this works pretty great for you. More than that, you will find customers to actually be attracted to your pavement signs.

Who Can Use Them?

Now, when it comes to who can use them, then there is a long list of people who can. There is less limitation on the use of these as almost anyone in need of pavement signs can use them. Common uses of pavement signs include shop signs, footpaths, inside the shop, outside a shop or restaurant, and so many more. You will find each of these to catch your eye every time you see it.

If you are in search of some of the most effective pavement signs, then you should head on to Kremer Signs. Here, you will find some of the more diverse and creative signs that you can incorporate for your business advertising. Reach out and connect to find more details about this.



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We were really impressed by Kremer Signs and how quickly they could get our boards printed and delivered to our board movement providers. All the staff that we dealt with are extremely friendly. I worked closely with Ryan Little and Sam Collins - both very helpful and quick at responding. Thank you for your help - we are super happy with our boards from Kremer Signs.

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Great customer service

The process of ordering boards for my company New Door Real Estate was so easy from the get go with Kremer Signs! I was kept informed every step of the way by Nick and Ryan and I really couldn't fault them. Great customer service and the quality of the boards is brilliant. We're really happy with them!

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Kremer did a great job on our first ever boards to be produced, so many comments already on how they stand our from the crowd. effortless process, special shout out to Ryan who always kept in contact and helped through out the process. Many Thanks

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Huge thank you to Kremer Signs!

Huge thank you to Kremer Signs! Ryan Little has been very responsive and helpful from start to finish. Boards arrived on time and have been a much better quality than our previous boards. This along with the excellent customer service is a win win!!! We hope to continue to work with Ryan and the team going forward. Thank you!

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