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Kremer Signs
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Key Suppliers

Agency Express

Agency Express is the UK’s largest provider of specialist estate agency board services. Via their nationwide network of over 110 operating centres and specially trained board operator Agency Express currently erect and maintain over 40% of all estate agency boards in the UK.

Agency Express offer a range of hassle-free and cost-effective, daily estate agency board management solutions which can help maximise your image on the streets, boost efficiency and cut costs for your business. Customers also have the added benefit of SignMaster3, the most advanced online estate agency board ordering and management system in the industry. Developed exclusively for Agency Express, SignMaster3 takes online board management to the next level, giving you ultimate control over all aspects of daily board management at the click of a mouse.

Tel: 01508 579800

Best Agent

Property uploading tool for estate agents. Instantly uploads to portals, websites and social media.

There is so much pressure to be the biggest, to be the market leading agent. Trying to be the biggest, to win the awards, to have the largest market share, takes a huge investment of time and money over a prolonged period, often without results.

But do any of these awards actually help the customer? Are they a guarantee that the vendors or landlords will get the best service for their personal needs?

Perhaps not.

Perhaps the best agent for an individual home seller or landlord is the agent who knows the most about the customer’s personal situation. Perhaps the best agent for a customer is the agent who owns their own company, has their name and personal reputation at stake, and is always at the end of the phone and available to meet in person when a client needs reassurance and help. Perhaps the best agent for an individual customer is the one who takes the time to get to know customers, creates a friendship, and becomes the only agent that customer will ever use in the future.

Perhaps the best agent someone can choose is the agent who does not strive to be the market leader; perhaps the best agent is one who is not the busy agent with the biggest market share, often too busy to return a phone call; perhaps the best agent is not the flashy agent with the awards in the window and the Porsche parked outside.

Perhaps you are the best agent for your customers. You know this, and your customers will know it.

Perhaps every agent can be the best agent, for their own customers personal needs. The best agents don’t need awards, they don’t need the biggest market share. The best agents only need to know that they have done their level best for their customers at a difficult and worrying time.

For a lot of people, moving home is not about the money, it’s about moving on with their life. You can’t put a price on the value of personal service. The best agents understand that, and in the face of constantly changing challenges, the best agents are always there for the customer.

Being the best agent you can be for your customers is hard, and that’s why we launched BestAgent.

Our promise is simple: Everything we ever do will save you time, money and make your life easier.

Welcome to BestAgent. We hope this is the start of something beautiful.

Tel: 07432620965

Estate Agency All-Stars

Estate Agency All-Stars is headed up by a number of renowned and respected estate agency trainers, who have achieved exceptional results in their specialities with integrity. Estate Agency All-Stars offer both classroom and on-line training which will improve all levels of property professionals, and have an immediate impact on their employer’s bottom line.

Tel: 0845 5214 637

Rayner Personnel

Rayner Personnel has been established to present a personal yet ELITE recruitment service to the Property Industry. Much research has been carried out to find out what the industry feels is missing from the services provided by existing providers of staffing solutions. The results have been used to design a new approach to servicing the industry, with particular emphasis on the higher graded employees. Using an innovative mix of conventional and previously rarely used strategies we believe that we can not only identify the top performers/billers in the industry but to also recruit them for our clients.

Tel: 0208 090 0086

Estate Apps

Estate Apps are a digital creative agency for the property sector. We provide a wide range of products that help you make the most of your online presence. This includes websites, apps, branding and even social media management services. If you need to strengthen your online presence, we’re the company for you!

Tel: 020 3086 8206


As the property industry’s leading print, design and marketing specialist, Ravensworth supply the most comprehensive range of marketing materials for estate agents, letting agents and property developers across the UK. From property brochures and window cards to email signatures, direct mail and agency branding, Ravensworth have the knowledge and expertise to set your agency apart from the competition.

Ravensworth’s simple and powerful online Marketing Toolkit will give your agency complete control of your marketing campaigns, all in one place. What’s more, with access to pay as you go data, you can win more valuations and new instructions with smarter, targeted direct mail.

Whether you are looking for a trusted print supplier or a full-service marketing partner, Ravensworth are here to help. 

Tel: 01670 713 330

Estate Agency Networking

EstateAgentNetworking gives Service Providers to the UK Property Industry a place to share their expertise and key marketing advice to a growing active audience of Estate Agents via the website, the popular @EAUKNetworking Twitter stream and the trusted and respected Estate Agents UK Networking Group on LinkedIn. In return, Estate Agents get to read the latest in professional advice from both the well known service providers to the new innovative startups from software providers to board suppliers.

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