John D Wood


In August 2015, Kremer Signs supplied John D Wood for their new for sale & to let signs as part of their rebrand, which totalled to over a staggering 1,500 new signboards, servicing over 35 divisions.

For over 25 years the design has been unchanged, so it was key for John D Wood to update the design, but at the same time maintain their well-known brand, and the new boards do just that. The new design has seen the logo colours reversed and enlarged to reinforce the brand and with the white background paired up with the clearer typography, this has given the boards a fresh modern look and makes the reading of contact information a lot easier on the eyes.

The manufacturing of the boards was also key in playing its part to achieve the new look. Kremer Signs used their exclusive ‘grey back’ correx sheet material that has a pure white face with a dense grey back, which when the two sheets are heat welded together, totally blocks any show through of the post erected through the middle, even in the strongest sunlight. This is a problem that many agents face that have white board designs, which can make the boards look cheap, and in some cases make the text hard to read, when a shadow is casted vertically through the board due to the stake.  Another major benefit is that the new correx, the heaviest in the marketplace at 700gsm, is made from fully recycled materials making it not only the best quality agency board on the market, but also the most environmentally friendly.

The full rebrand was turned around in a tight time scale to accommodate rebrand deadlines and was delivered to 8 strategic locations throughout London and the Home Counties to be erected.

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  • 1,500 Sign Boards
  • 35 Divisons
  • Grey Back Material
  • 700gsm Correx
  • 8 Delivery Destinations

Concept to reality! Kremer Signs were proud to supply & install the new signage for #Dexters #EstateAgents in…

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