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Retail Signage UK

Signage is a collection of signs that are used by companies, trade centres and most commonly retail stores. They are used to convey a brand or a company’s business to customers. Not only do they help the customers in reaching the respective store but also give necessary information about a particular brand to the passersby.

Installation of signage is also one of the most economical and effective means of advertisement. Today, the corporate sector has become competitive and congested. Each company or brand focuses on creating and implementing successful tactics to increase their clientele.

Believe it or not, people prefer to visit stores that have a modern and sophisticated interior as well as exterior. To be more specific, conspicuous and eye-catching signage is what draws people's attention towards a particular store. Hence, Kremer Signs is one such organization that focuses on creating effective retail signage in the UK.

Here are some tips that are followed by Kremer signs to form retail signage that will meet your expectations:

Vivid and Large Font Style:

It is imperative to keep the lettering of the signage lucid and comprehensible. Retail stores which have confusing signage designs fail to impress the onlookers, hence resulting in a reduced customer response. Since some individuals suffer from impaired visibility, therefore, small, cursive font style on signage is nothing but risky.

The Kremer Signs design team is highly skilled in mapping out impeccable signage ideas with appropriate lettering and eye-catching colour schemes whilst keeping your branding in mind.

Correct Placement of Signage:

While lettering is an important aspect that cannot be ignored when creating signage, placing it accurately is another key factor. Placement may seem to be a no-brainer sort of task but brains are what it requires the most as it has to be noticeable for the consumer. For instance, directional signage is usually found hanging from the ceiling while retail sign boards are placed at eye-level.

Hence whatever the location of the signage is, it is important to make sure that nothing stands in its way. So that it does not appear inconspicuous to the observers. 

Thought-provoking, Precise Texts:

Renowned brands usually go for retail signage that is simple and bold. A thought-provoking quote or fact written on a vibrant and attractive backdrop would be successful in winning people's attention. So, the more time an individual spends on staring at a brand's signage of this kind, the more interested they will be in visiting that retail store.

Mediocre retail stores fail to create such kind of simple yet striking signage designs mainly due to lack of knowledge or financial trouble. Hence, at Kremer Signs, you will be able to fulfil your desires regarding retail signage. The team provided by our agency are efficient in installing signage boards at accurate places hence leaving no room for complaints.

Our team of designers are highly professional and practised in doing this job. They know what colour schemes, type of font style or lighting would be suitable for a specific retail store. Therefore, you know whom to approach for this work.      



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Have dealt with Tom for years - highly rated!

Have always found Tom to be competitive and respond swiftly to requests. Very happy to recommend.

Andy Overman

Kremer signs are amazing!

Gary at Kremer signs has been a life saver and has helped me on numerous occasions. They are able to provide creative solutions and the quality of the boards they create for us is great. Thank you for always being so helpful and quick!

Sophie Forrest

Steve and his team always provide…

Steve and his team always provide excellent customer service all throughout the process from start to finish. Always on hand to answer queries that may arise. Would highly recommend this company and their services. Fantastic job as always.


Ryan Little is absolutely amazing

Ryan Little is absolutely amazing. New sign requested by me at 4:45pm artwork and quote with me in less than an hour. I thought I'd have to wait days. Fantastic company, would highly recommend.

Wendy Ellis

Joe is the man ...

Joe is the man to talk to if you need For Sale Boards

Adam Friend

Thank you Ryan for being so helpful

Thank you Ryan for being so helpful and so patient with me. You allowed me the time and support to get the design just how I wanted it. Fantastic service. Much appreciated.

Wilbur Maine

Toms a great contact to have

Toms a great contact to have, works hard and responsive

David Blythman

Great service from Ryan today

Great service from Ryan today. Helped get my order processed and to the correct specification quickly. Well done and thank you!

Paul Clarke

Will use again

Thanks to Gary at Kremer signs for the quick turn around time on the boards we ordered for Langshott School's summer fair. We also ordered some new for sale boards and country homes boards and they look great. Fast efficient service and quality board production. I will be using again.

Bruno Sandilands

Excellent service from start to finish…

Excellent service from start to finish from Tom and his design team. They put up with various tweaks etc and were very patient. Excellent board design now and can't wait to see it on the streets.

Ian King

Great service and boards!

Kremer has been my preferred board supplier for many years now. Tom and the team provide excellent service and great quality boards, at the best price. With some of my requests being made with not much time for production, Tom always steps up to the challenge and succeeds to provide me with my requests in ample time. Thanks Tom for all of your help over the years (and for many years to come..!)

Hanna Forrest

Excellent service and great product

Tom has always provided a prompt, efficient and friendly service when ordering, and the product is always first class. Well done the Kremer signs team!

John Vickery