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Wall Maps

A wall map is a nice touch intern to your office to reinforce the fact that you know the area inside out, and can showcase the extent of the coverage your office/branch can offer.

Commercial wall maps can serve several different purposes in an office or workplace setting. Businesses which offer services within a particular location will want to post a map of that location in their offices. It can help their officer workers map out the addresses of their customers and dispatch this information to their field workers. 

Schools, law enforcement and government agencies also require wall maps too, but not for commercial purposes. These agencies need wall maps for educational purposes and to see where certain suspects or buildings are located. Even though digital maps have gotten popular, sometimes a big old-fashioned wall map makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without having to search around on a small-screened smartphone map to get it.  

Kremer Signs can supply you with wall maps in three different ways. Any of these wall maps would be more than suitable, depending on what your needs are. Since each wall map has its own unique benefits, you may find one which stands out amongst the rest. Take a look at the descriptions of these wall maps and consider how it can help you in your office space. 

Dibond Wall Map

If you choose Dibond maps for your office, we will digitally print the map directly to the sheet. The map can be produced in any size that you want. However, if you’re looking for an extremely large map to accommodate your enormous office wall, then we might need to make it out of two sheets instead of a single sheet. It all depends on the size of your wall and your own personal preferences. 

After the map is printed and produced, it will be mounted onto the wall with steel spacers placed in each corner of it. This allows the map to stand slightly from the wall in all its glory. Dibond wall maps are the most popular, but they might not be for everybody. These maps are better if fewer people are going to be touching it.

Acrylic Wall Map

Acrylic is an excellent way of protecting a map which is going to be touched on a regular basis. The acrylic sheet will be mounted to the wall via steel spacers, and then the graphics will be applied directly as a vinyl overlay. If the acrylic wall map is going to be mounted in a public area with lots of people, then you’ll understand why acrylic is the best choice for your wall map. It does not get damaged or worn by people’s fingerprints when they touch it. 

Flex Face Wall Map

Similar to the Flex Face fascia’s but on a smaller scale, the map will be produced onto a tensioned banner that is on an aluminium frame. The frame will be approximately 100mm in depth from the wall. This is enough depth to make it stand out and attract people’s attention.

Behind the tensioned banner is an LED light sheet, which will illuminate the whole map and give off a very impressive visual effect that will bring your whole office to life. The banner/skin itself is also replaceable, which makes the map very easy to change if you would like to display a different area.

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Gary at Kremer signs has been a life saver and has helped me on numerous occasions. They are able to provide creative solutions and the quality of the boards they create for us is great. Thank you for always being so helpful and quick!

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Steve and his team always provide excellent customer service all throughout the process from start to finish. Always on hand to answer queries that may arise. Would highly recommend this company and their services. Fantastic job as always.


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Toms a great contact to have, works hard and responsive

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Great service from Ryan today. Helped get my order processed and to the correct specification quickly. Well done and thank you!

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Thanks to Gary at Kremer signs for the quick turn around time on the boards we ordered for Langshott School's summer fair. We also ordered some new for sale boards and country homes boards and they look great. Fast efficient service and quality board production. I will be using again.

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Excellent service from start to finish from Tom and his design team. They put up with various tweaks etc and were very patient. Excellent board design now and can't wait to see it on the streets.

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Kremer has been my preferred board supplier for many years now. Tom and the team provide excellent service and great quality boards, at the best price. With some of my requests being made with not much time for production, Tom always steps up to the challenge and succeeds to provide me with my requests in ample time. Thanks Tom for all of your help over the years (and for many years to come..!)

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