Has ‘Blue Planet’ turned you Green

Friday, February 23, 2018

In the last few months most of us have seen the devastating scenes of the damage that plastic is having on our environment, especially in the world’s seas, never more highlighted than by the award winning ‘Blue Planet’ screened bon BBC1 last year.


Steve Gosney, managing director of Kremer Signs, was keen to highlight important facts about the UK’s largest For Sale Sign makers’ ongoing commitment to our longstanding recycling policy.


Steve says “we have been quietly recycling boards for Estate Agents for a number of years, but perhaps have not been very vocal about our Free service which is accessible to all of our clients”.


Over 5 years ago, Kremer Signs recognised a requirement to offer a recyclable product and launched a programme of printing new boards on fully recycled raw material.  Since then we have produced in excess of 2.5 million signs on a 100% recycled material which is totally unique to our brand.


What is even more surprising is that, during that time, we have also been offering a totally *Free recycling service to our clients, collecting and re-processing in excess of 1.2 million signs for regeneration.


Steve Gosney explained “as the market leading board producers in the UK we adopt a very responsible approach to the environment and consider it necessary to help our clients recycle more whilst reducing their costs in waste disposal. Our totally free collection service offers a solution to the disposal of any ‘end of life’ boards stored by board erectors. The only caveat is that we can do so if the boards are being delivered by one of our Kremer delivery vans, thus minimising our carbon footprint.  When delivering via one of our next day courier partners, we suggest our packaging is reused to return any old boards to us, this is something we are happy to arrange at any time, subject to a fee to cover the cost of transport”.


“Several years ago, we looked at how we could reduce the impact our industry has on the environment and initially looked at the supply of wooden posts.  In the last 35 years we have supplied in excess of 10 million painted posts into the market place.  When dealing with such huge volumes, whilst maintaining high quality, we needed to ensure that raw material timber was sourced from kiln-dried Scandinavian softwood, felled from FFC approved renewable forests. Furthermore, we needed to find a clean and effective water based paint that would provide a high impact, hard wearing finish and be formulated using methods that should not require heat in the paint drying process (again minimising the effect on the planet). This proved to be quite a task but fairly straight forward when compared to our challenge to find a fluted polypropylene that originated from a recycled source”.


“Our supply partner for fluted propylene have 40 year’s experience in the research, design and extrusion of the strongest, most hardwearing fluted board.  They shared our challenge and by working together, we have been able to adopt a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach whereby we can produce the most robust and durable signs that, at the end of their useful life, are then recycled into reusable boxes, packaging, plant containers and plastic pellets, rather than simply going to landfill which is not only bad for the environment but also a very expensive option for disposal”.


In addition to timber and plastic, Kremer Signs continue to work closely with Canon Europe who provide very high tech digital flatbed printers.  Together we have sourced a specialised, hardwearing ink which is environmentally friendly that require no strong chemically based primers usually necessary for adhesion purposes.  This ink is also a product unique to Kremer Signs under a sole supply agreement.


There was a time when producing boards was a simple task, carried out by ‘one man’ bands across the country, using oil based paints and printing inks that contained what is now deemed to be totally unacceptable levels of lead and toxins.  In the last 35 years, Kremer Signs has moved the business of board production to a specialised hi-tech industry.


If you would like further information please contact a member of the sales team at kremersigns.co.uk.


*our recycling service is offer totally free of charge if we are delivering your order by our own transport, if your order is being sent via one of our next day courier partners the packaging can be reused and we can arrange collection of your end of life boards, however in this instance we would have to ask you to pay for the transport cost for the return of the boards, no boards must be returned without priory authority


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