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Why Boards Remain so Important for Agents

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The For Sale board is one of the oldest marketing tools available to an agent, but is still considered one of the most important, even in this modern day of online marketing. The board itself is recognised universally as a symbol of a property being For Sale or To Let . With this being said, a property board can get people talking. When people see the sale board they are going to gossip, they may tell friends and family that there is a property for sale in the area. This in itself could lead to a sale.

If you have a physical high street presence, think of your shop sign or estate agency board as the best way to tell the outside world about your business. Telling people who your company is, what you do, and most importantly why they need you. But the difference between a sign and a sales person is that you can leave the sign outside in the rain without worrying about it getting pneumonia.

Good signage acts as the gateway to your business. It doesn’t rely on people trawling through the internet to find your kind of service, hefty SEO or targeted marketing. Instead, it says ‘We’re here! Come inside and speak to us!’ 


Brand Awareness

The use of boards increases brand awareness, and more importantly, in the areas that matter. This is important for all agents, no what the size or how well established you are. If you are undergoing a rebrand, a change in board design is the perfect way to deliver your new branding and speed up the awareness process.

What better and easy way to showcase your properties to your target market than the use of agency boards. They can appeal to anyone of any age, which online marketing doesn’t fully achieve, as not everyone uses the internet, but everyone in your local area will come accustom to your brand through the use of your property signs.


Despite the rise in online property websites, the sheer amount of boards that we produced in 2017 suggests that boards are still equally as important. The boards provide visibility and clear calls to action to the passer by or the neighbourhood in general, telling them that: ‘this house is for sale and this is where you can get more info – want to sell your house? Call us too!


Boards captures the attention of a wide range of people, such as: people who aren’t looking online for a property; people who aren’t actively house hunting; and Sheila from number 24 who knows her niece is looking for someone to buy or rent and passes the details on.  Also, when Sheila does come to sell she may also remember you; win win. 


Cost Effective

When you break down the cost of marketing for agents, you will find that the supply of estate agent boards will be one of your most cost effective tools, (we’ve seen those Rightmove fees…) but on average a boards used at 5 properties will only cost you £2.00 per property, so why would you compromised. Once the boards are paid for, you have full management of the boards, and they can be used time and time again (If brought through the right supplier – Not mentioning any names) This is where the real saving is, not in a cheap initial price and having to replenish the boards in 6 months’ time, but order quality boards that will last the test of time, and most importantly portray a professional image for your business. We have even had agents report boards that have lasted over 6 years. This quality in product paired up with a well-oiled board management service, like agency express, can maximise the longevity of your agency boards reinforcing that fact that they are the most cost effective form of advertising for any agent.


Key Tool

To successfully market your agency you need all of the marketing components to work together to build up a powerful brand. The board itself drives activity through to your website and can also generate leads straight through to the office by displaying your telephone number. It showcases the property in question, so you know that the potential client has seen the property in the flesh, which also makes this a slightly warmer lead than one straight off of the web.




Seeing a number of boards for the same agency says to people that you are the ‘go to agent’ when buying or selling a property, acting as a mass advertising tool throughout the local area.

The power of a successful action on the board i.e. Sold or Let By, shouts success for your agency and can be left in situ for 14 days after completion letting everyone know that you’ve done a great job.

The age of the ‘boring board’ is also over, there are so many different sign options available, that you can well and truly put your personal brand on people’s doorsteps. The board is such a unique tool for estate agents, so make the most of it!


And it’s for these reasons I’ve mentioned, as to why we still consider signage to still be at the full front of key marketing tools available for an estate agent and should never be over looked.

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We’ve been turning ‘For Sale’ signs into ‘Sold’ signs since 1946 – our boards might have changed but the sentiment…


Thank you Ryan for being so helpful

Thank you Ryan for being so helpful and so patient with me. You allowed me the time and support to get the design just how I wanted it. Fantastic service. Much appreciated.

Wilbur Maine

Great service from Ryan today

Great service from Ryan today. Helped get my order processed and to the correct specification quickly. Well done and thank you!

Paul Clarke

Will use again

Thanks to Gary at Kremer signs for the quick turn around time on the boards we ordered for Langshott School's summer fair. We also ordered some new for sale boards and country homes boards and they look great. Fast efficient service and quality board production. I will be using again.

Bruno Sandilands

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